Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The Mother Artist Project was created to shed light on the lives of mother artists behind the scenes- as they try to balance two very different worlds. The project was created to inspire and to create a sisterhood of artists. 

Throughout my year of interviewing mother artists throughout the world , I have noticed a common thread between all of them. The lack of childcare while in the studio and money. 
I asked the question -  If there was a grant specifically for mother artists to help fund your project - would you apply for it ? 

Over and over the answer was YES. 

The goal of the MAP Grant is to offer support to mother artists who have a financial need. The grant is to provide the opportunity for an artist to pursue a specific art project, or body of work. The grant will be announced to a winner in May 2016.

This grant is made possible by the donations of people like you. Any amount is greatly appreciated. If this If this is a cause that is near to your heart, I encourage you to donate. Please help support mothers in the arts and read their interviews here on the blog.

Make your donation here:

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