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I'm Italian, I was born in Brescia where I live and work.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

From childhood I always loved to create but the turning point was in art school where a teacher helped me to believe in myself and in my abilities.

Who has influenced you as an artist? 

It affects everything that intrigues me, I love asking me questions, watch, listen, feel and lose myself. As for the art instead I loved the Renaissance, Flemish painting, Max Ernst, Klimt, Marina Abramovich, Agostino Arrivabene, very different styles that represent my eclectic.

What is your favorite medium?

My favorite  medium is photography I love but do not stop it, I can not accept its limitations, in fact conceive works that explode from it.

Do you have a studio? 

I have a fantastic home studio on the edge of a village, surrounded by nature, a key element for me in recent years.

When did you become a mother?

 I became a mother of Ariel in 2009, an amazing child, I have always felt to be authoring something.

What are your challenges as a mother artist?

As a mother you want to be there for your child and as an artist you want to be in your world, manage this duality is hard, you must create your space and moments.

What has been the driving force behind being a mother and an artist?

Being an Artist-Mother is not simple, it is a continuous challenge, balance is crucial, you should try to keep it every day but if you reach it is fantastic. My love for my son and for art leads me to divide myself and rejoin at the same time because the two sides combine but also must remain separate.

When do you spend time making art?

I make art especially at night, when I have more time and are not disturbed, but for the most hardworking projects I take the days off from everything to create.

How many children do you have? 

I have only one son now, but I would also like a female.

Have you ever contemplated giving up being an artist in order to be a mother?

 No, sometimes the fear is felt but being a mother and being an artist for me are two sides of the same coin, I could never give up any of the two or I would feel incomplete.

Do you have support from family and friends to continue to work as an artist?

The people I love supporting me morally but I'm a stubborn person and I go on with my strength.

Do you feel that you are taken seriously as a mother artist?

I feel that I am usually taken seriously and I have my own satisfaction, there are also delusions and must be ready to bear it.

Has becoming a mother influenced your art?

 A lot. To donate life is almost taken for granted in the modern world but I consider it magic, it changes the flesh and the spirit, is magnificent. Grow children have the power to limit materially and spiritually uplift.

Do you think that mother artists are taken seriously in society?

 I do not think that sometimes they are seen in the right way, comes the fear that being mothers leave the art, but not a related factor, many people have stopped work as artists without even having children while there are mothers who continue to create art through clenched teeth.

What do you say when someone asks "What does your husband do for a living?" and are you offended by the question?

I do not have a husband, I'm a single mom and my son sees his father three days a week. No it is not something to be offended about.

What's your story?

My story is a bit long and complicated, we could have a coffee and I might tell it
through my art.

What have you learned about balancing motherhood and your passions? 

Carving out my time, and sometimes involving my son Ariel in my work, he likes a lot, has good taste and feels very free.

What advice can you offer other mother artists about pursuing their passions regardless of their situation?

For each person it is different and also the situations but I would say "keep it up, you're amazing!"

What do you want to be remembered for as an artist ?

I want to be remembered for what I wanted to communicate, especially by those who have really understood.

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* All photographs belong to and were submitted by the artist. 

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