Wednesday, August 13, 2014


What is your name?

Bonnita Gillard AKA (Mamacita Bonnita)

Where are you from?

Melbourne, Australia.

Where do you live? 

St. Andrews Beach

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist? 

As long as I can remember.

Who influenced you as an artist? 

My family are very creative. It seeds from my bloods line 

What is your favorite medium? 

Ink and gouache

Do you have a studio? Where is it?

Yes. At home

When did you become a mother? 

2006 when I was 26.

What are your challenges as a mother artist? Getting the house work done .

What has been the driving force behind keeping a balance between being a mother and an artist? 

With my first child I had to make a choice to give up my art as I was struggling as a single mother.  I realized that my desperation to make art was effecting my connection with my child as I felt frustrated by the interruptions.  I resumed once he started school and promised myself that I would never let the relationship with my Art and my family become a problem again. They both need to co-exist together like a marriage.

When do you spend time making art? 

when my children are sleeping.

How many children do you have? Do you want more?

2 children 7 and 7 months.  No more bambinos.

Have you ever considered giving up art in order to be a mother? 

No.  I just wait patiently for my moments alone in the studio.  I took 4 years at one point.

Do you have support from your family and friends to keep making art?

My family and friends are the most supportive of me.  They see that I am at my best when I am creating art.

Do you feel like you are taken seriously as a mother artist?  

Yes.  However, it can be hard to network at openings at this point in my career as I am putting children to bed and waiting for my man to get home from work.

Has becoming a mother influenced your art?

Yes it influences me constantly.  Art and mother hood are kindred spirits.  My babies are my undefined. 

What do you want to be remembered for as an artist? 

I would like to  be remembered as being spiritual expressionist and visionary artist who communicates from source to the viewer.  I can’t take 100% credit for my art, I am just the messenger. :)

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*All photos belong to and were submitted by the artist. 

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