Sunday, June 15, 2014


The Father Artist 

As a child my grandmother often gave me crayons and paper to keep me busy. 
I didn't mind at all, it was something that I truly enjoyed- what kid doesn't? 
As I got older I graduated from the crayon to the pencil. 

Sitting next to my grandfather one evening, I caught him sketching in his sketchbook. 
It was the face of a woman- and it made me realize that I wanted to be an artist.  
There was something magical about that moment. I remember watching him focus, watching the tip of the pencil drag across the paper. I was in love with it all.

I didn't know what to do - so I watched him carefully. Then he stopped and closed the book - but I wanted more.
"Grandpa, teach me how to draw!" I begged. 

"I can't, you just have to practice" he said.

Honestly, his answer broke my heart...and pushed me to try harder and years later, his answer made sense.

I started the Mother Artist Project to focus on women like me - mothers - artists..who work hard to balance their families, work, life and their passions. I started it because I understood what it was all about. My mother always told me "do what you know!". However, I am also aware that mothers are not the only ones who are trying to balance everything. There are fathers.. fathers who are artists.. trying to do the very same thing. 

I find their stories just as interesting, beautiful and worthy of recognition.
 Today, I am writing to say Happy Fathers Day to all the artist dads out there. Who often have multiple jobs, do the dishes, mow the lawn, run kids around town and paint or sculpt or photograph or sing their hearts out. 

I think about the scene above, me sitting next to my grandfather while he did something rather simple.. sketch. That moment stayed with me all this time and actually helped me realize that I too was an artist. 
It is a beautiful thing - inspiring others.

It's an honor. 

 So, today - Id like to introduce you to a few father artists that I know and to say thank you for being an inspiration and making the world a beautiful place. 

 Happy Fathers Day! 

                 Bryan Moore  
                 Father of two
                 Indianapolis, Indiana


                Larry Gindhart  
                Indianapolis, Indiana

                Quincy Owens
                 Father of 5
                 Greenwood, Indiana 

Mike Theodore 
                Father of 4 
                Indianapolis, Indiana


Father of 2 
          Indianapolis, Indiana 
      Singer songwriter 


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